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Counseling for Grief

Have you experienced the recent death of a loved one?

Are you feeling sad and depressed?

Do you feel powerless?  Helpless?  


It is normal to experience these feelings after a devastating loss.  If the loss is unexpected, the painful feelings can be even more intense.


While it is normal to experience these feelings, sometimes that can become so debilitating that carrying out the responsibilities of daily living becomes overwhelming.


Sometimes, people get “stuck” in grief and are not able to move on without professional help.


I have many years of experience dealing with this exact issue.  I can help resolve these feelings of grief and help you to feel free to go on with your life.


Maybe all you want is to come to a point where you are not sad all of the time, and can get some enjoyment out of life.


Without getting professional help, these symptoms may continue.  You could experience “complicated grief" which could last for a prolonged amount of time.

I would like to help you move beyond the loss and reclaim your life.


I know you are thinking that you will never feel better.  I am offering an opportunity to work through the grief, and to come to a point of acceptance.


Remember -- intense feelings about the loss of a loved one are normal. These feelings can be addressed and your life can go on.  Things will be forever changed, but you can go on.


Start today!

E-mail me and we can schedule an appointment.

Don’t forget:  things can get better!

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