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Counseling Services

My aim is to help you to pass through normal, natural transitions and the healing process as you come to terms with your personal losses, difficulties and life's challenges.​ To that end, we work with a number of problems encountered in managing everyday life.

Image of young woman feeling sad. Grief Counseling with Carol Hogg in NYC
  • Death of a loved one

  • Traumatic loss from:

- suicide/homicide

- sudden death

- accidents

  • Pregnancy loss

  • Pet loss


Image of young man looking sad. Counseling for the anxiety and depression of loss, from Carol Hogg in NYC
  • Relationship loss from:

- divorce

- separation

- family loss

- friendships

  • Emotional distress

  • Loss of health/disabilities


Image of woman on beach holding coffee. Life transitions counseling with Carol Hogg in NYC
  • Career

  • Relocation

  • Becoming a parent

- birth

- adoption

- step parent

  • Empty nest / retirement

No matter how major change occurs in your life, and even when change is welcomed, you may be feeling the loss of the familiar, or grief over what has been left behind or is no longer possible.

A period of transition always accompanies change, and it can be disorienting for a while -- even disruptive to your usual positive frame of mind, self-confidence, and eagerness to take on the challenges of your new environment.


Getting counseling doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. It means you are smart enough to know that seeking additional resources and perspectives will make your transition easier, and will help you come to terms with loss or heal grief in ways that will benefit your highest good.


Counseling can short cut the amount of time you stay in confusion, emotional pain, lower productivity, negative or pessimistic attitudes, or disharmony in your relationships. It can help you sleep better, control stress, and feel good in your skin and happy with your life again.


Upwards of a third of Americans take advantage of getting counseling to help manage stress, anxiety, depression, and grief, and to adjust to change. In most cases, clients gain new insights, skills, and perspectives that make the difference they were seeking.


Call for your first appointment now.


Get on the road to a great new outlook on life.

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