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Fees & Faqs

How much does counseling cost?

I charge $110-$140 per session.

How do I pay you?

Payment can be made in cash, by check or Venmo. Sorry, I cannot allow clients to "run a tab", and I do not bill by the month.

Do you bill insurance or EAP?

I accept Cigna, Beacon Value Options, and Medicare.  For all others,I am an out of network provider. This means that you will pay me for each session directly and I will give you a special receipt that you can use to file for reimbursement with your insurance company or employee assistance program. Check with your insurance company or human relations department to determine if you have out of network benefits.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes, to the extent allowed by law. As a mandated reporter, I am obligated to report if you are intending harm to yourself or others.


Also, from time to time, your insurance company may request certain reports to support your claims for reimbursement.

Beyond what I am required to disclose by law, I never discuss anything about you or what we discuss in our sessions.

Can I contact you between sessions?

In general, it is not always easy to reach me between scheduled appointments. You can leave a voicemail message or email me if you need to reschedule.  


But because neither voicemail nor email are secure forms of communication, discussion about your issues or questions about my suggestions should wait until your next appointment.

Due to the risk to your privacy and confidentiality, I cannot "friend" or reply to you via social media.

What if I miss an appointment?

Clients are financially obligated for the time scheduled with me because I am obligated for office space on an hourly basis. If you miss an appointment without notifying me 48 hours in advance, and we cannot find an alternative time in the same week to reschedule, you will be charged for the missed session, payable at or before the next scheduled appointment.

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