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Counseling for

Cultural and Life Transitions

New to living in the NYC area, or the USA?

Making a major career change or about to retire?

Becoming a parent by birth, adoption or remarriage?

You could be facing some culture shock. Transitions that change your lifestyle and daily routines take a good amount of emotional adjustment.

Life as you've known it is about to shift. 

And for a while, during a transition period, you may be feeling alternatively overwhelmed, excited, anxious, happy, confused, disoriented, frustrated, or guilty -- or a combination of such emotions. This is normal, but can be somewhat stressful when it happens.

Transitions counseling will help.

Too often we think that we should only feel one emotion at a time -- which ever the commonly believed "acceptable" or appropriate feeling is. If your transition is taking you forward towards more success and happiness, you might think there is something wrong with you that you feel sad, mad, or scared.

There's nothing wrong with feeling contradictory feelings simultaneously. But it's not comfortable or easy, and counseling can help you cope more effectively.

Pushing away confusing or uncomfortable, or so-called "inappropriate" emotions is not the answer.  Suppressing what your mind, body, and heart are genuinely experiencing only creates more stress, and prolongs the symptoms you want to avoid.

If you are like many of my clients, you want to enjoy the transition to the new chapter in your life. You'd like to feel good about all the exciting possibilities that are opening up for you. You just don't want to feel like you are losing anything important from the adjustments you have to make.

Transitions counseling will help you honor the past, acknowledge the shifts in the present, and look forward to the future without fear.

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Don't let transition stress overwhelm you.

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